New icons and theme for Alpha 6

Just a quick update…

I am working on getting a closer resemblance to Chrome OS. I’ve recreated in Inkscape new WiFi and battery icons. I managed to retrieve the volume icons from Chromium Assets:

New status bar icons

Also made a few minor adjustments to the Plank dock – reduced the size to 34 pixels, removed the bounce on launch and increased the spacing. Grabbed the App Launcher icon from above link. Chrome OS screenshots seem to show it fully transparent, but in Chromium OS it is supplied on a dark grey, transparent tile. Can’t decide which to go with just yet. It looks a bit small on it’s own…

2 different Chromium app launcher icons

Finally I have made some adjustments to the Openbox theme to match more closely the Chrome OS Aura window theme (within the boundaries of Openbox). I have imported the Chromium OS free fonts as well for good measure. If you enable the Greybird Chromium browser theme, then the adjustment is complete.

New Openbox theme better matches Chromium OS and Chromium browser



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