New Release – Alpha 6b – Download Now

I am very pleased to announce that the second ever release of Chromixium is available for download right now from our new, dedicated Sourceforge site:

Chromixium Alpha 6 Default Desktop

Chromixium Alpha 6 Default Desktop

This version is much improved on Alpha 5 in a number of visible and not so visible ways. Lots of cosmetic changes have been made to get the layout and appearance much closer to Chrome OS. At the same time, more functionality has been added, including a new control panel and custom GUIs to help you alter the dock’s appearance or to set up Automatic Upgrades.

This is the first version to support hibernation. As long as you have an active swap partition, hibernation should work out of the box (depending on hardware support). The new installer will attempt to set this up for you.

Perhaps most important of all is the new installer, or I should say installer wrapper. For many reasons, I am not able to use Ubuntu’s Ubiquity installer at the moment and Chromixium still relies on the Systemback installer to install to hard drive. However, the installer is fairly simple and has some features missing, namely correctly identifying swap and setting the date/time/keyboard. I have created a new wrapper for the installer that helps you partition your disk and set the time/date and keyboard. There is an automatic partitioning option which will quickly set up your primary hard drive eg sda or hda. If this isn’t for you, then you can launch GParted direct from the installer and partition manually. The Systemback installer will then fire up, which you will use to set the username, password and assign mount points. Post install, we attempt to detect swap partitions and add them to fstab and set the timezone and keyboard layout.

You will find the new installer pinned to the dock on the live ISO and also in the apps menu under System.

Obviously, the installer/wrapper is still very much experimental, so make sure you are using it on a test machine or virtual machine or a machine that you are happy to use only for Chromixium. Feedback is much needed.

Unfortunately, I still haven’t got the locale set correctly by the installer, but I am working on it and hope to upload a new version in the coming weeks. This can be easily overcome post-install by changing the Keyboard Layout in the control panel.

If you need to set up language support other than English, then you will need to install language-selector-gnome. But be aware, that much of Chromixium is not translated at this stage.

Apart from that, I think you will find Alpha 6 a pleasure to use. It is stable, thanks to it’s Ubuntu LTS base, not too memory intensive and great to look at.

Please test and feedback your findings at our new forums:

Happy testing!


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