Chromixium 1.0 – final stable version is out now!

I am extremely proud to announce that Chromixium 1.0 final, stable version is ready for download from Sourceforge right now.


Chromixium combines the elegant simplicity of the Chromebook with the flexibility and stability of Ubuntu’s Long Term Support release. Chromixium puts the web front and center of the user experience. Web and Chrome apps work straight out of the browser to connect you to all your personal, work and education networks. Sign into Chromium to sync all your apps and bookmarks. When you are offline or when you need more power, you can install any number of applications for work or play, including LibreOffice, Skype, Steam and a whole lot more. Security updates are installed seamlessly and effortlessly in the background and will be supplied until 2019. You can install Chromixium in place of any existing operating system, or alongside Windows or Linux.

The live username for logging in and for launching the installer is user.

Over the coming days and weeks, the focus will shift from technical to documentation. There is already some useful Guidebooks and a Wiki site. For help and support downloading, running and installing Chromixium, please visit our user Forums. All of this will be updated shortly, please bear with us! If you haven’t already, check out our Google+ and YouTube pages.

The technical low-down

  • Chromixium 1.0 is a 32 bit operating system for x86 and compatible computer systems.
  • Chromixium is based on Ubuntu Linux 14.04 Trusy Tahr Long Term Support release.
  • Chromixium runs on top of the Linux kernel 3.13.0-51.84 PAE with support for up to 64GB RAM.
  • Chromixium contains the Open Source Chromium web browser, providing access to Chrome and Google services. Google sign-in is optional.
  • Adobe PepperFlashPlugin is provided to enhance the browsing experience and we ask you to accept Adobe’s license when you install Chromixium.
  • See here for minimum requirements.




  1. My 1st download did not match the md5sum given so I downloaded again. Both of my downloads produce an md5sum of: 8bb8afef75b4832756fb6e47f8278b2c


  2. Hi,

    “Chromixium 1.0 is a 32 bit operating system for x86 and compatible computer systems.” yet “Chromixium runs on top of the Linux kernel 3.13.0-51.84 PAE with support for up to 64GB RAM.” this is going to be confusing for users with ‘less’ technical skills/experience 🙂

    I’d suggest to edit that.

    When you have 32-bit OS, you can not use your 6GB RAM for example because your OS can not read more than 4GB RAM.

    If you want to use all your RAM, you must have 64bit OS 🙂

    Thank you and keep the good work up!
    I think it is good idea to have such project, well done 🙂


    1. Hi, thanks for your comment, but it’s not correct. With the PAE kernel, even a 32 bit OS can detect up to 64GB of RAM. For example I have 6GB in my machine and Chromixium detects and uses it all. You are right that I could do with making some of the information less technical, but there is a trade off between giving users the correct information and dumbing down.


  3. Reblogged this on ArtWork . . . . and commented:
    Information – CHROMIXIUM 1.0
    Chromixium is a full-fledged desktop-style operating system based on Ubuntu. But it has a user interface that’s designed to look like Chrome OS and it puts the Chromium web browser front and center.


  4. Hello sir !!! you did a great job with a beautiful and successful distribution. I instaled on a PC approximately three years and everything works smoothly. by cons, on another pc 2000s (1.5 ram, 128mb graphics card and processor amd athlon) no applications will launch !!! Do you have a solution to my problem or what you pc is simply too old? thanking you for your work. Laurent (Google Translate)


    1. Hello and thanks for your kind words! I’m sorry that it won’t run properly on your older PC. The RAM looks like our should be okay, but perhaps the processor is not quite up to it.


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