Chromixium 1.5 i386 (32 Bit) has been released for download

I am very proud to announce that the first major update to Chromixium is ready for download. This release marked 1.5 is the first stable release to ship with the standard Ubuntu installer.

Whilst Sourceforge gets it’s act back together, I have released this on GitHub where there is a full release announcement. More links and torrents to follow…

Download Chromixium-1.5-i386.iso

Chromixium 1.5 i386 desktop

Chromixium 1.5 i386 desktop

This is the first major update to the 32 bit version of Chromixium since 1.0 was released. This release brings a raft of improvements:

  • Now using the standard Ubuntu (Ubiquity) installer with better language support, hardware detection and support for encrypted home and LVM (see note below).
  • Rolls up Service Pack 1 and all upstream updates (including latest Flash and Chromium updates) into a new ISO
  • Updated Xorg, but kernel remains on long term support 3.13
  • Faster right-click applications menu generation
  • Inclusion of Cardapio menu for a standard dockable menu (find it in the Control Panel and drag it to the dock)
  • File-roller replaces PeaZip for better integration with Files application
  • Lxinput is included for left-handed mouse adjustment
  • A load of key bindings have been integrated to better support hotkeys such as volume adjustment out of the box
  • A new simple GUI to enable autologin has been added
  • New HD wallpapers
  • Support for booting the ISO directly from a hard drive via Grub
  • The revised build process aligns much better with Ubuntu/Lubuntu base
  • Finally, a little command line tool called “chromixium-version” lets you know what version of Chromixium you are running!

This release requires a fresh installation. If you are running Chromixium 1.0 and do not want to reinstall, please install Service Pack 1 which includes many of the above improvements. More service packs may be released in future



  1. Awesome. I just discovered version 1 but I’ll be sure to upgrade. Sounds like must of the little annoyances have been rectified in this version. Can’t wait.


    1. sorry, it looks a bit unclear 🙂 i mean some update script to do a sp1 -> 1.5 update :))
      i just don’t want to reinstall and reconfigure everything what i did here


      1. That’s okay. sp1 practically is 1.5. There no real need to reinstall. Unless you’ve read about a feature you think you are missing out on?


      2. no, i just saw that it’s “Service Pack 1 which includes many of the above improvements” 🙂 so not all of them, then 🙂
        can you tell me, what i’m missing right now?


      3. The main difference with the 1.5 iso was the build process and switching to the Ubuntu installer, which won’t benefit you now that you have Chromixium installed. I also replaced Peazip with Fileroller (this can be installed easily enough), added a few keybindings for things like volume keys (how to here) and added Cardapio menu which is a way of having a standard applications menu in the dock (how to here). So if you have sp1 already and you are happy with it, there’s nothing to do but keep using it! Next major update will be in line with Ubuntu 16.04 (after April 2016). If there is a need for an sp2 before then, I’ll release one 🙂


  2. Don’t know if this goes here.
    Just installed Chromixiom 1.5 on an XP Toshiba Satellite Laptop (1GB mem) that is Vista capable. Purpose was to try to get an OS that is resource efficient, faster than XP etc, and will stream movies (netflix, YouTube, etc) using 15 mbps download 2 Up internet speed. It’s for my adult 50+ daughter that wants to keep her costs to a minimum (i.e. just internet, no phone or tv).
    When playing a video it still seems to have voice and video out of sync even when pausing and lowering from HD to 240 and a little higher.
    Have tried Zorin and Zorin light and pretty much the same results.
    Is there an updated Chromixiom video driver or something that may improve it, Using wireless right now and may try ethernet direct cable from brighthouse modem.
    Any help or recommendations would be appreciated.
    BTW LOVE Chromixiom 1.5!!!!
    Good Job


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