Material Design Chromium/Chrome Icons

As many of you will know, Google is hard at work migrating their core apps to material design principles. This is most apparent to anyone using Android Lollipop, but the work is being done in Google Chrome and Chromium browser. Some of you may not see the differences between the icons so clearly, but for anyone who is chomping at the bit to get the new material design browser icons, I am providing them here for you to add to your installations of Chromixium. Disclaimer: these are not 100% original icons, but they are a very close match to the ones demonstrated on the Internet.

Chrome Chromium Material Design Icons

Chrome & Chromium Material Design Icons

You can download a zip file that includes the scalable SVG graphics for the dock icons and also 22×22 for the menu from Sourceforge here:

Once downloaded, open Files and unzip the download. Enter the unzipped folder. Right-click and select ‘Open in terminal’ and type/paste:

sudo mv /usr/share/icons/chromixium/apps/22/chromium-browser.png /usr/share/icons/chromixium/apps/22/chromium-browser-old.png 
sudo mv /usr/share/icons/chromixium/apps/scalable/chromium-browser.svg /usr/share/icons/chromixium/apps/scalable/chromium-browser-old.svg 
sudo cp chromium-browser.png /usr/share/icons/chromixium/apps/22/chromium-browser.png
sudo cp chromium-browser.svg /usr/share/icons/chromixium/apps/scalable/chromium-browser.svg
sudo cp google-chrome.png /usr/share/icons/chromixium/apps/22/
sudo cp google-chrome.svg /usr/share/icons/chromixium/apps/scalable/
sudo gtk-update-icon-cache /usr/share/icons/chromixium

I will be working to incorporate more material designs in Chromixium 2.0 next year…





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