There are 3 guidebooks available (scroll down for links):
1. Quick Start Guide to Using Chromixium
2. A Complete Guide to Installing Chromixium
3. Create a Chromixium DVD or USB from the ISO

There are also some helpful YouTube videos on the Chromixium YouTube Channel:
1. How to install Chromixium – easy method
2. How to dual boot Chromixium
3. How to install Steam in Chromixium

1. Quick Start Guide to using Chromixium:

  • Downloading and running Chromixium
  • Sign in to Chromium
  • The Chromixium Desktop
  • Install Applications from Synaptic and Chrome Web Store
  • Add Applications to the Dock
    • Adding Chrome Apps to the dock
    • Pin a Website to the Dock
  • Customize Chromixium

Click here for the Google Docs version of the Quick Start Guide.

2. A Complete Guide on Installing Chromixium:

  • Automatic partitioning
  • Making room for Chromixium to dual-boot with Windows or Linux
  • Setting the timezone, keyboard layout and language
  • Creating a persistent USB device
  • Post-installation tasks:
    • Connecting to WiFi
    • Adding support for other Languages.

Click here for the Google Docs version of the Installation Guide. 

3. Create a Live USB or DVD from the ISO

  • Verifying the download (md5sum)
  • Create a Live USB
  • Create a Live DVD in Windows
  • Create a Live DVD in Linux

Click here for the Google Docs version of how to Create a Live USB or DVD



  1. To the Creator: SUPER EXCELLENT JOB. Please keep doing this and a 64bit version. Now YOU did what all Linux creator should do long time ago (Joint Google software and Linux Software). I definitely will use it. This is the most complete Linux distro. I tried many and I think that the added software add a very big value to the OS. For example if you see the software available in Windows 8.1 it is amazing. Why Ubuntu and all of them keep the old fashion software center with few applications while Google developed thousands of them with a modern look, including games etc. YOU the creator just kick the ass of Canonical that is just talking about MIR, Unity 8 like big deal without focusing on the final user. At the end of the they they only can talk about invisible changes in UBUNTU, the interface cannot provide yet all the flexibility of Windows for the End User. Ubuntu has been long time promising stuff that they cannot do, every deadline is like they didn’t have time to accomplish. In the mean time Windows give the necessary things to the final user even when I know they copied from Linux. Yes they copied ideas from Linux but they also improved them. For example the Software Center, the Multitasking, The Tile menu similar to GNOME, etc. Ubuntu have to use the work done by Google to beat Windows, Please do 64 bits.


    1. Thanks for your great feedback. Obviously without Ubuntu this distro wouldn’t exist, so I owe them a great deal of credit. But like you I saw a gap in the market, especially as I have an android phone and use Google apps so much whilst on the move, it made sense to use them on my desktop too. Don’t worry 64 bit will be the next phase of this project!


      1. yes, thank you for developing this Piece of Software, good Job, as im also using all android and Google i missed this. and didnt want to buy a dedicated Hardware from Google by now….


      2. I love this. I can’t wait to see subsequent versions to see what new innovations you come up with to further integrate the Linux desktop and chrome experience. I love how light and fast the desktop is, while still pleasing to the eye. Excellent distribution. I was thinking what about out of the box Android app support, using the archon repo for chromium/chrome for the future? And maybe for the app menu a way to have chrome apps and desktop apps, maybe something involving slingshot launcher from the elementary os. What do you ou think? I wish I was a developer and could make a distro too.. I love chromixium. I installed it on a used dell optiplex I got for my mom and she is loving it!


      3. absolutely love it! super fast for our use we have it loaded on ssd and when we are rebuilding systems we can fire them up and get needed drivers and info right away from factory save on flash for just that computer saves us a ton of time! one quick question is there a way to check hard disk read write speeds using this o.s? (like winsat on windows)
        thanx again for your efforts…..fantastic job!


  2. Hi. I was trying to install Chrimixium 1.0 but right after selecting Start Chromixium, I am directed to a login page that is asking me for a usernamr and password which I have not ser up yet. What can I do about this?


  3. Computer junky since 1967. Distro hopper since 1995. Impressed with the speed of this OS. Definitively gets a spot on the hard drive. Thanks for the idea, the hard work, the clear documentation, and all around good job. Waiting for the 64 bit version. Best wishes and good luck.


  4. I just wanted to congratulate the Chromixium Team on Excellent work on this distro. I have tested out many and the main reason i haven’t totally switch to Linux in full because of the lack of interest in game development “Well guess what i can play the newest games” just to name a few “World of Warcraft, Diablo3, Starcraft 2, Starwars the old republic, Call to duty.My computer is abit old its a phenom quad core 9850 8gigs of ram with a gtx 650ti no problems at all .Now i have to use PlayonLinux but many of the other distro lack or very hard time to configure games to work but right after installations of this Distro everything just works. I am no means a linux guru but after this im sticking with it now .


  5. Hola Instale chromixium hace un rato, y por ahora todo bien, rapido y estable. Espero que prondo exista traduccion al español


      1. does logging in to your google account add your computer to your google account devices list while using CHROMIXIUM OS


  6. I have successfully install chromixium on my acer d150 netbook. I google the web and get wifi working and install chinese language so that i can read chinese characters on any web page. However, when I insert an usb flash drive, i find no indictor to show detection of the said drive on the desktop, do I miss something?


    1. Hi, you’ve not missed anything, there aren’t any desktop icons in Chromixium. Just open Files after inserting your flash drive and then you’ll see it listed on the left hand pane. Click on it to access it’s contents.


  7. I am very happy to be using your Distro.

    Only one thing…and you’ll probably laugh; but I find it hard to say “Chromixium’.

    It is almost a tongue-twister 🙂

    Maybe its my old age : but I keep wanting to call your lovely distro …’Chromix’ … for short.

    Hope your not offended.

    Best wishes

    Aqua Fyre


    1. That’s quite alright. I almost called it Chromix, but if you Google it, you’ll see there is a company with that name.
      Here’s how I say it: Chrome-ix-ee-um


  8. hi there…. just finished installing the Chromixium OS. nice os since i’m using Chromebook+chrome os at school (we have 40 unit of it in the lab).

    my question is, can the OS login page look similar with CB? where actually we have a single sign in using customise google account.

    thank you in advance

    Sarip Dol


  9. Hi. I never tried any other os but windows and I installed this os today. I dont know how to install 3rd party video players like vlc and other stuff. I am also fond of games. I cant play my .exe format games. Can you please guide me a bit


    1. Hello zuhairqadir, sorry for the late reply, I was on vacation when you posted this and I am still catching up on missed messages.

      Generally things are installed from the Ubuntu repositories. Go into the Control Panel, click on Ubuntu Apps Directory. Then you can search for VLC. There will be a few results, but on page 2 (for some reason) you will see VLC Media Player. Click on the Orange arrow to download and install it. You can search for all kinds of free and open source apps here.

      Generally .exe format is not support outside of Windows unless you install a compatibility layer called WINE/Play On Linux and even then, many Windows games won’t work. However, there are loads of high-quality games available for linux through Steam and that can be installed. See this video on how to install Steam in Chromixium:

      If you want more help, please head over to the forums where you will get a warm welcome:


      1. Was the macbook issue resolved with the stable 1.5 64bit release or should I wait to the 2.0 release?

        Thank you for your hard work.


  10. Hi. I’ve been planning to use chromixium since June but boarding school didn’t let me. I was advocating ubuntu and chromixium at school well, now I’m back for holidays and first thing i did was get chromixium but now I’m just looking at this beautiful wallpaper and the lock but can’t access. I’ve tried changing the keyboard format to en_GB and typing chromixium as the username and leaving the password blank but it keeps telling me it’s incorrect. Please… help this linux enthusiast spread the word. Help me…


    1. Hi Ferdinand. The current stable version, Chromixium 32 bit 1.5 boots straight to the desktop from the live USB/DVD. As it’s not doing this then there must be something wrong with the download or the transfer to USB/DVD. Can you check both, check the MD5SUM of the ISO and run the Check disc for defects boot option, maybe re-download, use a different USB or DVD brand… If you are using Windows, try using Rufus to create the USB. If using Linux, use the dd command to create the live USB. If you need any help, I am pleased to offer it and I’d love you to convince your school that Chromixium is the way to go!


  11. Hi, I am trying this out to revive old school equipment which has now been mostly replaced by chromebooks. I want to have students log into their Google account and when logging out of the session to have chromium log them out too automatically.

    I have tried the Guest user session as I assume this would resolve this but I keep getting this error:
    “Cannot start the Systemback scheduler daemon! Unable to get root permissions.”

    The apparent result of this is that I cannot open Chromium, Gmail or drive, the files app does open however.

    Can you set the homepage in the Guest session as well? It would be ideal to set it to as you suggested above.


    1. Hi Laurence

      Unfortunately the problem with the guest session occurred after 1.5 was released and is due to an update to Chromium which caused a problem with the Lightdm display manager. There is a fix posted on the forum here:

      This will be fixed in the next release which will be the x64 version, then I’ll probably release an updated iso of the 32 bit version.

      However, to make the customisations you want to the Guest session, I highly recommend you read this post on the forum and then feel free to post a response there if you want more guidance:

      You can then take an image of a reference computer that you have customized using Clonezilla and deploy it to other PCs.



  12. i have installed chromixium but i have 2 problems:1.the pc won’t boot /reboot. it get’s freezed on the image of chromixium and after loading a bit it stops..2. i can’t get anything on the desktop..files are shown in file explorer but they just don’t on desktop


    1. Hi Robert, I’ll need a bit more information about your hardware before I can help, can you let me know your specs? Try pressing the shift key whilst booting to bring up the boot menu and then select Advanced Options and select the Recovery Mode option and see if that boots (it’s a bit like Windows safe mode and it might help to troubleshoot).
      2. There is no desktop in Chromixium in keeping with ChromeOS on which it is based. If you really want this functionality, you’ll have to add it in afterwards:
      We also have a support forum, which is perhaps better for more detailed support:


  13. Hello, I’m having the same issue as Laurence above, and I ran the fix you provided and I’m still receiving the same error on my guest account. Have you heard of this fix not working sometimes? Is there another one I could use?



    1. Hi Dan
      I am not aware of that fix not working. I have incorporated the fix into the latest x64 test release and it is working fine. Are you sure that lightdm was upgraded to version 1.12 from 1.10? If not, try it again. Run “apt-cache policy lightdm” in a terminal to find out what version you are on. Did you reboot before trying the Guest account?
      I am looking at ways of backporting it to Trusty, but it has different dependency versions, so it may not be possible. If I manage it, I will upload it to the Chromixium dev ppa.
      Kind regards


      1. It is now saying it Failed to download repository information check you internet connection (Even though I have a connection) The lightdm will not update to the newer version, and I can’t figure out why


  14. Excellent OS(Chromixium 1.5 32-Bit stable )…Thanks man…:)
    one question?
    icon ‘Trash’…on the Desktop … how to set?
    sorry for bad English


  15. I am the IT guy at my K-5 school , now all students laptops (about 60 ) are on chromixium 64, runs like a charm. just a like touchscreen chromebook (4 year old asus ).It saves me so much time compare to windows and work so much better. Great with google for education.


    1. Hi Fabrice. Thanks for sharing and good job on converting 60 laptops to Chromixium Books 🙂 Chromixium seems to be going down very well in schools and I am so pleased – as a one-time education professional myself, it is an area that is close to my heart.


  16. Hello RichJack

    my soundregler changed when pushing the tone
    furthermore, there is no news, sound for applications.

    thanks for a quick help

    Chromixium is a wonderful OS

    mfg rene rosenberg


    1. Hello Rene
      I think something got lost in translation! Did your sound ever work? Have you looked in the pulse audio volume settings in the multimedia applications menu?


  17. Hi.i’m new and just install it like 2nd os . i have win 10. but cant loud chromixium its booting only win 10 ? please advise.


      1. Hi, first of all this is a great effort, I have the same problem as Asen above but I have dual booted it with ubuntu. Im fairly certain it installed and i used ubuntu’s disk image burner and then installed it dual boot. I can only boot into ubuntu and there is no option to boot chromixium. Sorry if I have missed the answer. Thanks


      2. Do you know if you are using EFI boot mode or MBR/BIOS mode with Ubuntu? From Ubuntu try updating Grub to see if it will pick up Chromixium:
        sudo update-grub


  18. Really well done. My real estate office runs ChromeOS on Samsung and Asus boxes but our leftover laptops needed something to match. We were using Mint but it was not familiar enough for my agents. Many are not computer savvy. Finding Chromixium saved the day. Now there is no learning curve, my office has a consistent look and feel. The agents save to the cloud so no issues of lost docs or full hard drives. We saved hundreds of dollars not having to buy new equipment but reviving slow Windows machines instead. Can’t thank you enough and looking forward to growing with this new flavor.


  19. Is there a way to create a customized .iso of chromixium? Instead of configuring each machine individually, I was thinking I could bring down a customized image from my server to each machine all at once?



    1. Look in the control panel at the backup and restore app. This allows you to create an iso of the installed system. Otherwise, use something like Clonezilla or ghost for Linux over your network (remember to change the hostname).


  20. It’s a Great Distro
    But I have a dream
    I need a full alternative to Windows 7
    need app like photoshop 8 not Gimp .. app more same photoshop
    my question is when we can get a android distro built in a linux distro such as our great project Chromixium

    and when Google will merge chrome os & android to make a os like Windows 10



    1. Thank you. Your questions are really for others though: Adobe, Google etc… I thought Photoshop was going cloud-based, wouldn’t that make it accessible from any OS?


  21. hello i have chromixium on my asus eee but i have sound problems..the videos on you tube have bad sound ..can not undestand anything…and also i can not play avi or else videos..what i must do?I am newbe on linux and do not know..please help 🙂


    1. Hello, try disabling “Use hardware acceleration when available” in Chrome browser settings (Advanced Settings| System). Please install Restricted Extras from the Multimedia menu to enable all video/audio codecs (right-click desktop, Applications| Multimedia). Then all videos should open in the default player (Parole) when clicked on.

      You can head over to the forum for more detailed help and advice: http//


      1. i have no sound at all. alsa mixer has everything up but nothing. uninstalled an installed with update and nothing. any help? computer is a sylvania gnet13001. 1gb ram, 1200mhz, 30gb harddrive. its a vt8237A/vt8251 hda controller (rev10)


      2. From what I can tell you need to edit the alsa.conf file (as root) and add these lines. Open a terminal by pressing Ctrl + Alt + T and then type or copy/paste:
        sudo l3afpad /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf

        Scroll to the end of the file and enter this text:
        alias snd-card-0 snd-hda-intel
        alias sound-slot-0 snd-card0

        Save and close the text file.

        Reboot and test.

        Hope this helps, but if not replace the last line with:
        options snd-hda-intel model=mobile



  22. Hey RichJack,

    Thanks for creating Chromixium! It looks amazing.

    I’ve created a boot USB by using Rufus and I’ve successfully booted from the USB.

    I’m trying to install Chromixium 32 Bit on an Acer Aspire 3680. (1.73 GHz intel Celeron Processor, 2GB Memory, 80GB Hardrive).

    The installer freezes on the fourth screen (dot). Tried installing on both a partition and alongside Windows. I’m going to leave it overnight and see how it goes but it seems to be stuck.

    Any help would be appreciated. Not sure if I should attempt a completely fresh install and wipe Windows off my old laptop for good…


    1. Hi Regan. Have you tried with a different USB stick? Have you checked the ISO md5sum and/or ran the Check Disk for Defects boot option? When the installer gets stuck, it’s usually a problem with the transfer of the ISO file. If you could try a different USB stick or completely (slow) format it and recreate it. Also, try booting using the Debug Boot Mode.


  23. I’ve had the same experience that a few of the other posters have mentioned. Namely, that I was stopped at the gate of Chromixium’s log-in box after following this blog’s link to the Google Docs version of the Quick Start Guide, then downloading and installing the Chromixium OS ISO and uNetbootin from the sourceforge links provided in the Quick Start Guide, then successfully using the instructions in the Quick Start Guide to start Chromixium on an old Gateway LT1005u netbook that currently runs an LXLE distro.

    The ‘user’ (or ‘user’/’user’) log-in given in the Quick Start Guide got me an “incorrect password” error message. The ‘chromixium’ username and blank password recommended elsewhere on this website — including on pages/in areas that link to the aforementioned downloads and Quick Start Guide that themselves recommend ‘user’ instead of ‘chromixium’ — did not work. The combinations of ‘user’ and ‘chromixium’ that I then tried for the heck of it likewise didn’t work.

    I’m a non-techie — a humanities professor by trade — so the fact that I’ve managed to install Ubuntu and LXLE OS 32 Bit 12.04.5 multiple times on multiple machines over the past year is a miracle in itself; I shouldn’t have pushed my luck by daring to try to experiment with Chromixium.

    Since I’ve been ropen and thrown at the Chromixium corral, I’m going to try to install a version of Peppermint on the aforementioned Gateway LT1005u netbook; here’s hoping all goes well. In the meantime, on behalf of other technically-challenged folks who might attempt to join the Chromixium party as I did, please allow me to suggest that it might be a good idea to synchronize usernames and passwords so that the instruction blogs and guides that direct visitors/readers to certain Chromixium download links are sharing usernames and passwords that will actually work on the Chromixium versions offered at those links. Just sayin.’

    Continued good luck with this and other projects; thanks for making them available to the public.


    1. My apologies for the typos in the message above (e.g. “ropen” when I meant to type “roped,” etc.); I hit ‘enter’ before proofing!


      1. Hello and sorry that you had problems with Chromixium. Unfortunately that Quick Start Guide (as you have found) is a little out of date with respect to passwords, but I have provided full instructions on the download page that the current live username is chromixium with no password. However, if you are prompted to log in when booting from the live USB, then the USB wasn’t created properly as it should be set to autologin (so theoretically you wouldn’t ever need it unless you got locked out of the live session). In other words, it would work the same as the “Try Ubuntu” option on standard Ubuntu by logging you straight into the live session.

        To correct this, please completely format your USB stick first (full/slow format in Windows) and then create the USB again. I tend to recommend Rufus on Windows now rather than Unetbootin, unless you specifically need a persistence partition, or on Linux, use the DD commands listed on the release notes:
        > sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX bs=1 count=512
        > sudo dd if=/path/to/Chromixium-1.5-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4M && sync
        > eject /dev/sdX

        I’m sorry that I haven’t had chance to update all the documentation and I will attempt to correct this at some point but resources are tight. I hope you find time to give it another try 🙂


  24. I LOVE Chromixium! However, I am having a pretty big problem with it when dual-booting with Windows 10 (I have a hp Pavilion dv6 laptop). Booting into the Chromixium partition works fine, but when I try to boot into the Windows side I can’t. I get the error “The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible 0xc000000f”.

    Any suggestions of how to fix this? I would love to be able to keep my dual-boot with Chromixium but I will be forced to delete it if I can’t :/


    1. Sorry you are having problems. That message is a Windows error, so it seems like the Chromixium bootloader has done it’s bit by passing the boot over to Windows bootloader but the Windows partition may be corrupt or the Windows bootloader might need repairing. This will overwrite the Chromixium one, but you can get it back from the Chromixium live USB and typing sudo grub install /dev/sda from a terminal.
      However, can I check, did you definitely install Windows and Chromixium using the same schema ie UEFI or MBR/BIOS?


      1. I’m not entirely sure what you mean by the same schema. I already had Windows 10 installed and I downloaded Chromixium from your site, used UNetbootin to install it to a USB and then followed the installation from there.

        I have tried repeatedly to repair the Windows bootloader using a Windows repair disc (using the command prompt and bootrec /fixmbr command) but it hasn’t worked like it usually does. I also used the live USB of Chromixium and installed Boot Repair to try to fix it (it did put back GRUB, so I could access Chromixium) but it didn’t fix the bootloader, either.

        I was finally able to access Windows when I chose Windows Recovery (or something similar, I can’t remember the exact wording) at the GRUB menu but I’ve been too apprehensive to try anything else since, staying in the Windows partition.


  25. What I mean by schema is that Windows and Chromixium can both be installed in UEFI/Secure Boot with GPT partitions or legacy BIOS with MBR partitions. This matters because they need to be installed using the same schema otherwise you will only be able to boot one of them.

    Anyway, here’s what I would do. Recover any data from either installation using Chromixium which you can boot into. Then reinstall Windows 10 and at the same time, remove all existing partitions and let the Windows installer create them for you. If it creates 2 partitions, you are in MBR/BIOS mode and if it creates 3 then you are in UEFI mode.

    If you want to try Chromixium again and you are in UEFI mode, you need to use Rufus ( to create a GPT/UEFI compatible bootable USB (UNetbootin only creates MBR/BIOS ones).

    Anyway, this is a Windows error and not a Linux one, so unfortunately that’s the best advice I can provide, but I hope it helps 🙂


  26. Very nice release, will be fantastic for primary school work, I will be testing this with some of the Edu apps and coding programs next week. With google moving away from android I need more power than I get from Chrome, especially as now we have our own craft server so Java is essential.

    What would make this perfect is if we could get someone to resurrect the old Google login pam project so we could sign in against Google domain. I’ve had a look at it and parts seem to work and the google API’s are there. Anyone know Python?


    1. Hi Neil (sorry for the late reply). Thanks for your comment. I’m really glad that you are using Chromixium for Primary work. Is this the PAM project you are talking about?

      I need to put all my effort into the next couple of Cub Linux releases, but I would be really interested in getting this work at some point. As I don’t have a Google domain to test against, I would need some willing volunteers. Realistically, we are probably talking about May onwards…


    1. Are you on 64 or 32 bit? If 64, open control panel, Chromixium Software Center, then search for vlc. If on 32 open control panel, add/remove/update software, click on reload, search for vlc, click mark for installation.
      Alternatively, on either, open a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and type:
      sudo apt-get update
      sudo apt-get install vlc


  27. installed CHROMIXIUM on my EliteBook 2560p and works fine but on my asus x32u wifi does not work , cant find the network card,


    1. It’s probably a Broadcom card. Please connect via ethernet and then go to control panel, software and sources, additional drivers tab to install the driver.


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